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Route Scouting
Proposals for potential routes to synthesize the target molecule are undertaken using electronic databases, in-house and external library facilities with periodicals, back up volumes and current textbooks. The suggested routes are discussed and will incorporate the collective experience of our scientists. Aspects such as economics, scalability and process safety as well as environmental considerations are included in the final proposal as appropriate.

Contract Research
The proposed route is tested experimentally in the laboratory on a multi gram scale as per the directions of the client. Typically, analytical methods are developed to adequately characterize the intermediates and final product.
Process Development
Processes for products which are to be produced on a larger scale undergo a systematic program to study the relevant parameters influencing the yield and quality of the target product. Initial testing for safety parameters will be undertaken at this stage.
Scale Up
Larger quantities may be synthesized in our Hybrid and Preparatory Laboratories with 30 l glass equipment. Capabilities include reactions under cryogenic conditions. A summary of the parameters can be established for further transfer of the product to pilot or manufacturing facilities.
cGMP Contract Manufacturing
Our Kilo lab allows the manufacturing of kilo quantities using up to 50 l equipment under cGMP conditions.

Custom synthesis
Hikal undertakes custom synthesis of key intermediates and active substances for innovator companies worldwide. We have the expertise in synthesizing diverse classes of molecules and offer gram to ton quantities in a cost-effective manner.

Pilot Plant
Our Class 100,000 cGMP Pilot Plant offers scale up capabilities and provides validation quantities required for DMF filings. This state-of-the-art plant includes stainless steel and glass lined reactors from 100L to 1,000L and undertakes multi-step synthesis. The plant is PLC controlled and the powder processing facilities include stainless steel and halar lined centrifuges, fluidized bed dryer, nauta dryer, multimill and airjet mill.

The reactions that we undertake include:
Ammoxidation Schiemann Reaction
Nitration Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Liquid phase Oppenauer oxidation Amino acid transformation
Swern oxidation Ortho metalation process
High temperature/high pressure oxidation Aldol Condensation
Suzuki reaction Hazardous materials handling:
Birch reduction      -   Chlorine
Catalytic hydrogenation      -   Bromine
Darzens glycidic ester condensation      -   Chlorosulfonic acid
Sandmeyer reaction      -   Cyanogen chloride
Chiral synthesis      -   Carbon disulfide
Hetero Diels Alder Reaction Low temperature reaction; -100°c
1,3 polar addition High temperature reaction; +280°c
Mannich reaction High pressure reaction; 30kg/cm2(g)