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Hikal follows stringent quality assurance norms to ensure world-class quality. Our R&D facility is ISO 9001 certified and has successfully passed several audits by leading pharmaceutical companies.
Hikal has the domain expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to develop analytical methods for evaluating quality of raw materials, intermediates and final products. Hikal has capabilities of exploring the impurity profiles and identification of degradation products in their active substances with the use of sophisticated instruments such as GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, multi nuclei NMR, Preparative HPLC, HPLCs with detectors such as UV, RI, PDA, Fluorescence and ELSD, GCs, Polarimeters, FT-IR, UV-visible Spectrophotometer, Karl Fischer apparatus and Flame photometer.
Synthesis Laboratories
Hikal has 12 chemical synthesis laboratories measuring 1200 sq feet each. The synthesis laboratories cater to proof of principle of suggested routes using laboratory equipment up to 5 L
6 Scientists and 1 Team Leader in each laboratory
6 Fume hoods – 1 central work bench – drying area
Access control system
Dedicated documentation room.
Thin film evaporator
Parallel synthesizer (8 channels)
Grace purification system

Preparatory Laboratories
Hybrid Laboratory
In the Hybrid lab, processes can be studied and verified in laboratory equipment and subsequently scaled up to 30 l in the same laboratory.
5 scientists and 1 Senior Group Leader
3 bench fume hoods/2 low bench hoods with 30 l equipment with h/c facility
Industrial rotavapor / scrubbers
A 30 L cryogenic installation to allow for operation at -90 deg.C

Preparative Laboratories
Standardized laboratory processes can be scaled up to 30 l in glass equipment
4 scientists and 1 Group Leader in each laboratory
4 low bench hoods with 30 l equipment with h/c facility
Industrial rotavapor/scrubbers
One 30 L cryogenic installations to allow for -90 deg.C
Analytical Laboratories
Hikal has 3 Chromatography cum Wet Analyses Laboratories and 1 Spectroscopy Laboratory. Determination of purity as well as structural determinaton can be undertaken.

The configuration of each laboratory includes:

Chromatography section
13 Scientists in each chromatography laboratory
6 GC, 10 HPLC

Spectroscopy section
UV, Spectrophotometer, FT IR, Polarometer
Kilo Laboratory
Our cGMP Kilo laboratory (class 100,000) allows the scale up of processes in up to 50 L glass equipped with advanced instrumentation:

20 l glass reactors
50 l glass reactors (2)
Heating/cooling system – 90 to 200 deg. C
20 l high vacuum distillation unit
Nutsch filter, centrifuge
Vacuum tray dryer
Mill, sifter
Process Safety Laboratory
The lab allows the classification of chemical processes with regard to their inherent process safety features.
Equipment includes
Reaction Calorimeter
Carius tube