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Hikal has robust capabilities in pharmaceutical manufacturing. We can take products from gram to kilo to ton scale which can be manufactured in our Kilo lab, Pilot plant and Commercial plant meeting regulatory needs of our customers.

Ammoxidation Schiemann Reaction
Nitration Friedel-Crafts Reaction
Liquid phase Oppenauer oxidation Amino acid transformation
Swern oxidation Ortho metalation process
High temperature/high pressure oxidation Aldol Condensation
Suzuki reaction Hazardous materials handling:
Birch reduction      -   Chlorine
Catalytic hydrogenation      -   Bromine
Darzens glycidic ester condensation      -   Chlorosulfonic acid
Sandmeyer reaction      -   Cyanogen chloride
Chiral synthesis      -   Carbon disulfide
Hetero Diels Alder Reaction Low temperature reaction; - 100°c
1,3 polar addition High temperature reaction; + 280°c
Mannich reaction High pressure reaction; 30kg/cm2(g)