EHS > Safety

We leave no stone unturned to ensure the safety of our workers and the environment. We have stringent pro-environment, pro-employee policies and maintain complete transparency in our activities.

Our safety campaign called, “Stop 1 minute for Safety” sensitizes plant workers about safety at the beginning of every shift. Adherence to safety norms is a pre-condition to employment and we use the “commend or condemn” approach to ensure norms are followed.

The employee's performance in health and safety matters is a critical component of the annual appraisal. Hikal has a Passport campaign where initiatives are rewarded and slackness is penalized.

We have an emergency response and crisis management plan. Our plants are well equipped to handle emergencies. We conduct surprise mock drills to keep employees on their toes, in the event of any untoward situation.

At a macro level, we are part of the district level crisis group and hold meetings that are attended by government officials and executives across industry.

Our manufacturing sites have been selected by authorities to demonstrate our emergency preparedness to the community and industry.