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Hikal believes that sustainable development, in any environment, has to be a participatory process, with the local population being the biggest stakeholder.

We work closely with the local community to keep the air, water and land both safe and healthy. We take active interest in the well-being of the local community and continue to make a valuable difference. Health camps, voluntary community work and monetary support are part of our corporate culture.

Hikal is a signatory to “Responsible Care” and plays a proactive role in minimizing pollution
across the industry. Our EHS policy is mentored by a large EHS organization. In our journey towards sustainability, the EHS team sets goals and benchmarks every year and works towards achieving them.

The highlights of Hikal's EHS policy are:

Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
Sensitize our employees about preservation of the environment, their roles and responsibilities through continuous training.
Set objectives, achieve targets and consistently
improve environmental performance.
Follow strict operational parameters and keep our
plant machinery in good working condition to
prevent pollution.
Ensure safe handling and disposal of our hazardous
and non-hazardous waste.
Conserve natural resources like energy and water on a
permanent basis.
Mitigate environmental non-conformance with
immediate effect and address it at the highest level.
Be prepared for all possible emergency situations and
respond to them as planned.