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Hikal is the partner of choice of leading pharmaceutical and agrochemical companies.

Just the right chemistry
We partner with our customers, align ourselves with the stated goals and realize their vision. We do not operate in areas that are in conflict with the business interests of customers.
We are focused at being a complementary partner in progress.

Respect for Intellectual Property
Our long-term relationships with multinational companies bear testimony to our strict adherence to Intellectual Property. We leverage best practices and technology to ensure confidentiality in our operations. For our IPR policy, click here.

Environment, Health and Safety
We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, the welfare of our community and environment protection. Being a signatory to 'Responsible Care', we play a proactive role in creating awareness, imparting training and minimizing pollution across industry. To learn more about our EHS policy, click here.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Hikal takes active interest in the well being of the local community. We undertake social initiatives to enhance the welfare of the community where we operate. We conduct health check-ups and eye camps on a regular basis across our facilities. We perform voluntary community work and provide support for community development by arranging training programs for school children and villagers in the areas of environment, education, safety and health.

We organize offsite mock drills at our facilities along with the state authorities and local associations to create awareness about handling offsite emergencies. Hikal offers its expertise and trained manpower to address emergency situations of the Fire Brigade, Police, Factory Inspectors and the Pollution Control Board in villages where our facilities are located.

Advanced Facilities
We have state-of-the art R&D labs and cGMP/FDA approved manufacturing facilities from gram to kilo to ton scale.

Why Not
At Hikal, every challenge is met with Why Not. This winning attitude enables us to think “out-of-the-box” and achieve breakthroughs. It sparks the imagination of our people and delivers outstanding results. To learn more about Why Not, click here.